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Impressive Bottle Packaging Designs

The purpose of packaging design is to attract customers attention. Many people make the decision to try out a new product thanks to its catchy design. The package designs should include basic information about the product, but also make an impression and connect with the customer on an emotional level. If the design is impressive, people notice it and want to have it on their shelves.

So, today we’ve decided to showcase a collection of 25 attractive bottle packaging designs that are impossible to get unnoticed.  Some are beautiful, others are truly innovative so you can easily use them as inspiration for your future projects.

Bottle Packaging Designs

1. Ferrarelle

Clean and minimalist design for a water bottle. Great packaging for a simple product.

2. Infuzions

Impressive packaging by Parker Williams Design.

3. Vodka Samurai

Interesting concept designed by Arthur Schreiber, a Russian art director.

4. Rawganical

Creative packaging design with a minimalistic design and a new wood lid, created for an organic products line for a hotel.

5. PURE Water

Surprising packaging for a bottle of water. Simple, transparent yet with a touch of playfulness.

6. Village

Packaging design for a variety of olive oil flavors.

7. Exotiqué

This packaging design is the concept of a student.  “Exotiqué emphasizes on quality, style, authenticity and needed a distinctive visual and structural style to evoke the brands personality and tone.”

8. London Dry Gin

Packaging design signed by a student in Australia.

9. Blitz

The packaging design is the work of a French student. Here’s how he describes it: “The label design is clearly influenced by Bauhaus and Art Deco, with the stork as a feminine element to counterbalance the otherwise very masculine typo.  The bottle was inspired by the very Mexican Corona bottle, but with sharper edges as a reminder of its German origins.”

10. Mezcal Mano Negra

Very original packaging design for an ancient distilled spirit. The color scheme is very bold and the black hand print gives is an amazing element.

11. Mystique Cider

Yet another student artwork for a cider bottle. The packaging design is simple, yet very attractive.

12. B

Elegant packaging design for a new liquor brand. “Sophisticated bee design from body to capsule, pulling together the honey-colored beverage.”

13. Samoa Pure

This is another packaging design for water. It also focuses on clarity and transparency when it comes to design elements.

14. Innocent Bystander

Packaging design that expresses exclusivity and high class through the use of elegant typography.

15. Klein Constantia Grappa

A packaging design that tells a story. The design is simple, yet the font used translates to premium, a gift that one would be honoured to receive.

16. Salve Mineral Water

This is a packaging design that supports an important message. The numbers are meant to get people’s attention and determine them to take action.

17. Ness

For Ness Whisky Brands, minimalism was preferred: the die combined with the big white label emphasize on the idea of classic product with a hint of modern.

18. Kirin

Simple yet creative packaging design for the re-launch of Kirin in Australia.

19. Salud Wine

Lively packaging design for a wine bottle.

20. Loimu

Glamorous packaging design that focuses on the idea of “vintage”.

21. Snake Blood

Packaging designed by a couple of student in Moscow. The snake element is so bright, it’s impossible not to get your attention.

22. Tap Water

This packaging design for is very creative. Although some might think it’s too much for a simple bottle of water, it works.

23. Warm Hearts

This is lovely packaging design with fun handmade fonts created for wine bottles.

24. IVI Classic

Good looking bottle packaging design that combines old and new design elements.

25. Zubrówka Vodka

Impressive packaging design for a vodka bottle. It’s very cool how it also gives the impression of a medicine bottle.

Did we miss any bottle packaging design you love? Share it with us in a comment below.

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