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InsideRIA – New Summer of Flash Podcast

In the beginning of this summer Adobe Labs released Beta versions of some new tools to work with it and we could see some new changes to their Flash Platform. The tools are:

  • Flash Catalyst , allows you to take artwork created in the Creative Suite tools and turn it into a working Flash interface
  • Flash Builder 4 , it’s a tool for building all kinds of Flash applications (including pure-ActionScript apps)
  • Flex 4 SDK, open-source framework that’s the foundation of both Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder 4. The biggest feature is the new Spark component architecture

Therefore InsideRIA brings us in the new Summer of Flash a series of podcast where we can find out information about these products from people who used and test it.

In Episode 1 the topic is Flash Catalyst (and multiple personality disorder), as the host Garth Braithwaite announces in the beginning. The guests on call are Stacey Mulcahy(professor at Algonquin College, Flex &Flash developer), Zach Stepek(instructor, author and entrepreneur, focused on Flash Platform, RIA technologies from Adobe) and Leif Wells(Rich Internet Application Evangelist for Roundbox Global in Atlanta).

They will be discussing their experiences with these new tools and how will they impact RIA developers workflow. The guests will highlight what they like or dislike about the products and how it has changed as it came to the public beta and what they are expecting and hoping from the final release.

And for those of you who are interested in this topic, you can find out more on InsideRIA blog and of course by listening the episode.

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