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30 Inspiring Website Footer Designs

A footer isn’t less important than a header. If you’re putting effort into making a catchy header, so should be your footer. You know those websites that have a traditional footer with copyright notice and a disclaimer – well, you won’t see these websites included in this article.

No matter the information included in the footer – contact details, social media accounts, a web form – a web designer should always come up with a solution to use this space creatively. The footer’s design can contribute to the overall attractiveness of the site by including playful images and cartoons, funny characters, illustrations or tag clouds.

So, what you will find in this article are 30 sites with creative footers where designers have bent the rules of traditional footer designers to make them more attractive. They’re great examples for web designers looking for inspiration for future projects. And be aware – these sites really put a spell on you!

30 Inspiring Website Footer Designs

1. Urban Pie 

Cool footer design with characters that hold up some funny messages. I don’t really agree with putting the Search box in the footer of the site – you might consider putting yours in first half of the site – on the right corner. This, however, is a good example of Doodle art in web design, a subject we covered in a previous post.

2. Vimeo 

If you watch videos on Vimeo, I bet you’ve seen the footer design and loved it. It takes up a lot of space, but it’s very colorful and goes well with the overall design of the site.

3. Blup! 

Another colorful and fun footer design on Dew’s Blup! site. It’s a continuation of the header and includes different characters and food items.

4. Future of Web Apps 

This amazing footer takes up about a quarter of the page and even though it’s extremely creative, it has nothing to do with the site’s entire layout. Not to mention it doesn’t offer any functionality to the site.

5. N.Design Studio 

Good example of a chill footer design – it not only includes an interesting graphic, but also the basic information you’d expect to find in a footer.

6. Soh Tanaka 

It includes social media contact information, among other things, but what makes it interesting is the character asking you to follow on Twitter. The little monster looks sad and grey, but when you hoover it becomes colorful.

7. Kulturbanause Blog

A german blog on web design, social media and digital imaging. Maybe not the best choice of background image as it gives you the impression of a deserted island. The footer also includes a web form to get in touch.

8. Freelenz 

Here’s a footer design that looks like the wall in front of a work desk. It also includes some cute photos from the site owner’s Flicks account, which gives it a personal touch.

9. I primi dieci 

Colorful footer design with big graphic elements for Popular posts, Last comments and News.

10. Zagreb Fever 

For a graffiti magazine site, it was only normal to include grafitti or, in this case, an image with all the places where graffiti can pe painted – metro, building, bridges, etc.

11. Wepic 

Nice design but I feel like there’s something missing. Maybe a tag cloud or some social media “get in touch” links.

12. Aurum3 

The design is focused on the number 3 – which stands for creative power and growth. The footer also includes the details of the company – Why choose them and how to get started.  I would’ve also expected to find here some basic contact information on the studio.

13. Klinkov Valeriy 

Klinkov is an abstract painter and this is also emphasized by the design elements in the footer – colors and tools used for painting.

14. Tapbots 

This footer is made a bit more interesting by the characters included in the four boxes. Imagine how boring these would be without these characters.

15. David Hellmann  

Complete footer with plenty of “get in touch” information, as well as some latest project showcase on the left side.

16. LaunchMind 

Cool design showing the professional evolution of a human – from baby to graduade to building a company.

17. Tomas Pojeta 

Fun footer with a couple of characters – the diver I assume might mean he’s prepared to dive into great projects.

18. Komodo Media 

Different footer with discs of music that this web designer is listening to make that design magic happen. I love the funny comment: “If you see Britney Speart of Hilary Duff here, it’s my wife’s… *cough*”.

19. Webdesigner Depot 

Most footer designs have special graphics on the left corner of the site. This one is focused on web designers – see PC, iPhone, laptop, etc.

20. Dean Oakley 

Simple footer design and, as you’ll come to notice, the navigation is vertical – hence the arrow in the footer.

21. Meomi Cloud House 

Basic information spiced with an interactive graphics. When you hoover, lots of fun characters show up from behind the treesto greet you.

22. ChubbyGrub 

Another footer design with characters put to good use. This is a site on nutrition so the fun chubby characters fit in this time.

23. The Midnighters Club 

The footer of Ron Horsley includes a whiteboard, a writting machine and some characters – perfect elements for a good story. However, with all the new technology, I’d dare to update the graphic elements just a bit.

24. Mecannical 

Very cool footer design. It includes a sitemap, contact and copyright information, as well as an attractive image.

25. The Pixel 

Another catchy footer design that’s continued from the header. If you scroll up, you’ll get to see the entire tree starting from the header.

26. Grzegorz Kozak 

This footer is similar to the previous one, except the tree is now a tower.

27. Me&Oli 

Fun site and footer with black and white animal print.

28. Corkcicle 

It’s often that we get to see “Buy Now” buttons located in the footer instead of contact info, but this site has one.

29. InfinVision 

With the entire site black and white, this footer sure catches your eye. I enjoyed the Paris& London towers located near the contact info.

30. Kenny Monger 

Cool footer design that emphasizes the skills of the site owner, who is a model maker.

There are a lot of creative footer designs listed here, but if we’ve missed one, go ahead and post in a comment below. Or you can tell us which one’s your favorite. 

Author: Alice

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