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Coolest iPhone App Sites

iPhone apps are hot! Web developers are adding tens of amazing iPhone applications every week to the app store and it’s hard to convince users which ones are the best.  That’s why many have already started to create beautiful presentation sites for their iPhone apps to help sell them.

Most iPhone application websites have a similar design, usually a cool image or a video to show people how the app works.  However, there are also some site designs that really catch your eye. Whether it’s the color, the slick typography, or the navigation, these sites are visually appealing. So, today you’ll enjoy browsing through a showcase of 15 examples of cool iPhone app site designs that are my favorite out of a bunch.

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Coolest iPhone App Sites

1. The Cocktail App

This presentations sites welcomes you with a colorful and delicious image of a cocktail. The design is simple, and so is the typography used. The blocks of text are separated by small images that explain the process of making a great cocktail.

iPhone app

2. Flight Card App

Simple design to make the concept easy to explain to any user that visits the site. Actually for such a cool idea, there was no need to create a complex design for this presentation iPhone site.

iphone app

3. Meridian Apps

Nice slideshow intro that describes the top 5 benefits of getting this app, used primarely to save up space. The typhography and colors are minimal, yet effective.

iPhone apps

4. Banca Currency converter app

Good landing page for a currency converter iPhone app. Includes information about the product, as well two buttons that redirect to a video and screenshots of the iPhone app. It’s a practical use of the little space available.

iPhone app

5. HiFutureSelf App 

Excellent use of visual elements to explain what the app does, and how to use it. And all that with two images of an iPhone and two lines of text.

iPhone app

6. Lo-Mob app

Given that this is an iPhone app that one can use to give a retro look to his photos, most of the space on the site is taken over by a showcase of images with a retro effect.

iPhone app

7. Momento App

The site is designed in relation to the specific of the iPhone app – plenty of content with some images that explain how it works. Maybe the background isn’t the best choice, but other than that, it makes a good presentation site for an iPhone application.

iphone app

8. Mee Templates

Three iPhones with changing themes every 2 seconds. You could easily guess what this iPhone app site is all about. Good use of space with scroll-down content on the right side of the page. Overall, a good looking iPhone site design.

iphone app site

9. Marketcircle

This design is actually similar with the previous one, minus the content. They used images of the iPhone to show how the app works and added a video icon close to it, where users can find out more about the app.

iphone app site

10. Ecoki iPhone Reader

Cool design for an eco iPhone reader. Every element of design on this page says “eco”, especially the colors and the background image, which is pretty stunning, if you ask me.

iphone app site

11. TimeTuner app

Simple design for an iPhone app site that uses a background image and an iPhone to explain in few words what the app is for.

iphone app site

12. Gas Cubby App

Colorful iPhone app site that presents an app that can help users track their gas mileage. Maybe the design could’ve been a bit better, but the colors catch the eye.

iPhone app site

13. Get Concentrating app

The colors used on this site are a definite attraction, and go hand-in-hand with the concept of the iPhone application that they’re promoting.  On the same note, the typography and the images also help a lot. However, I would’ve made the two buttons more obvious.

iphone app site

14. WordPress for iPhone

I actually wouldn’t have imagined the WordPress for iPhone site looking any different than it does now. It uses an image to show you how WP will look on your iPhone device.

iphone app sites

15. Movies Now app

Amazing design for an iPhone app site that can be used to get movie tickets on the go. The design elements are very attractive, as well as the background image that’s in accordance to the main benefit of the app.

iphone app site

If you have an iPhone app site or have seen one that’s really neat, go ahead and share it with us in a comment below.

Author: Alice

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