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MATE – Lightweight Flex Development

In Flex development field there are several helpful frameworks that are worth working with and each of them brings different features that are pliable to our project requests. A framework that captured my attention lately is Mate. So I did some digging and found out more about this project. Let’s see briefly what we should know.

What is Mate?

Mate is a light, powerful MXML-based Flex framework with an MVC architectural pattern that eases the developers work by giving them maximum flexibility. The framework is entirely tag-based and its focus is on event handling, data binding and asynchronous processing.

This Flex framework has a built-in event-driven (based on the idea of a Map Event) thus allowing you to define who is handling those events, whether data needs to be retrieved from the server, or other events need to be triggered. This feature makes it very unobtrusive and easy to learn.

Mate allows you to keep using Flex event model, it does not invent its own like most other frameworks. You can dispatch an event from anywhere in the view hierarchy and have it bubble up to the framework automatically. Other powerful feature is that it implements a form of Dependency Injection which allows you to connect your models to your views without either one knowing about the other one. That makes it easy and fast to create, maintain, and debug applications. “An Injector will insert the appropriate property into all instances of a particular component, without having to pass it through the component’s parental hierarchy.”

The specific code can be encapsulated in a handful of objects. Also the application code has no dependencies on the framework, it is highly decoupled, reusable and testable. When using this framework we won’t work with Singleton pattern anymore because it has a caching solution that detects which objects have been instantiated and handles the flow of data between them.

Mate read as “Mah-teh” was created by Nahuel Foronda and Laura Arguello from AsFusion. Mate had 17 new releases in the last year and hundreds of commits to its repository. I would say that this framework is gaining some quality reputation among Flex developers.


Since its release there were many tingles about the pros and cons about Mate and it is often compared with other Flex frameworks such as Cairngorm or PureMVC. From what I’ve heard there are some feasible advantages when using Mate in your development. The important novelty that this project brings unlike the others is that it has The Event Map (gives a clear vision about the control flow through the application) and the Class Caching(no more use of the Singleton pattern). You can use this framework both in small or large projects and you can relax because it will give all the flexibility you need and won’t restrain your imagination when creating a project.

But for further examples of projects developed with Mate visit the site at mate.asfusion.com. I forgot to mention that this framework has a well written documentation, tutorials and an active community on the forum. Even so you are used with other frameworks I’ll simply say it’s worth giving a shot. You may found out it is more suitable to your tasks.

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