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Open-source Flash Framework: Hemlock

Hemlock is a new web development framework, focused on allowing easy development of real-time, many-to-many apps. Hemlock follows the inspiration of Ruby web frameworks like Rails and Merb.

This let’s you create an entirely new class of web applications and games where multiple users can interact and transmit data in real-time. It can be used also for applications such as workspace collaboration and education. The only limit is your imagination.

Hemlock was developed by MintDigital to solve an annoying problem that is present in most real-time interactive web experiences. The fact is they are not real-time at all, just simulated, with the front-end site constantly polling the back-end database for changes to the data.

Hemlock’s approach is to combine the user interface and networking power of Flash with the scalability of Jabber/XMPP, the protocol that powers presence notification and real-time communication. The framework works almost like a push e-mail. A client registers with the server to receive a message and it is informed whenever a new and relevant one appears(no polls are requiered). Being a many-to-many apps it means that multiple users can interact with the same data in real-time.

This framework eases the way for web applications of a higher level, making it very handy for developers to build cool apps without having to worry about a cost-effective or unresponsive app.

For more information take a visit to http://hemlock-kills.com

Author: Alin

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