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OSMF and TLF – New Open Source Frameworks from Adobe

In time of continuous development for software applications, where the Internet evolves every second as we speak, open source software and applications are a common thing for every developer, either giant or small. And, in order to maintain its position as a giant software producer, Adobe is finally adopting this strategy by releasing two new flash technologies under the Mozilla Public License (MPL). According to the press release, they are aimed especially towards source initiatives for developers, media companies and publishers.

The first one is Open Source Media Framework (OSMF). Is part of the Strobe project which aims to establish an open standard for flash based media player. OSMF is a framework for building robust, feature-rich video players and applications based on the Adobe Flash Platform. It is designed to reduce costs associated with developing players in-house. Adobe specifies that the OSMF’s flexible architecture allows the developer to easily customize their player for the browser or the desktop, incorporating plugins for advertising, reporting, and content delivery along with standard player features such as playback controls, video navigation, buffering, and Dynamic Streaming.

The second one comes with “sophisticated typography capabilities” that will improve web applications. The Text Layout Framework (TLF), an extensible ActionScript library, built on the new text engine in Adobe® Flash® Player 10 and Adobe AIR 1.5, enables developers to create layout text on web applications with support for complex languages, bidirectional text, multi-columns and other advanced typographical features and controls. The beautiful part of an open source framework is that developers can use or extend existing components, or use the framework to create their own text components.

Adobe’s director of standards and open source, Dave McAllister asserted that “by releasing OSMF and TLF as open source, we are helping facilitate the creation and sharing of best practices for media players and rich text-based Web application development. We believe these efforts will strengthen the industry and lead to the next generation of Web applications, content and video experiences.”

You can find out more and even experience the new products through the demos on their page:
1. Open Source Media Framework (OSMF)
2. Text Layout Framework (TLF) on Adobe Labs

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  • i think this is a great way to go, open source really lets products grow faster.