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Is Responsive Web Design Working? Showcase of 30 Sites That Prove it Does!

The necesity of responsive web design came with the increase of people using mobile devices to access the Internet. Site owners can no longer get away with having a single, fixed interface for a widescreen computer. That average resolution no longer works in this mobile era and if you’re a web designer you probably already know that.

You’ve probably had some clients by now asking you to create a site that shows perfectly on a desktop as well as on smartphones and tablets. So this is where Ethan Marcotte came up with a clever solution  called responsive web design. Instead of creating several different site versions for each device, just build a single website that adapts to each device. But how is that possible exactly?

With the help of responsive web design, web designers can create sites that have the ability to detect the device someone is using to access a site and react accordingly providing him with a better navigation and readability. To be more specific, responsive web design refers to the use of grid and layout systems, optimized images and CSS media queries.

So, if you’re already noticing an increasing number of visitors using mobile devices to access your site, it’s important you embrace it and react with no delay. To help you in your quest, here’s a collection of 30 websites following the principles of responsive web design.

30 Examples of Responsive Web Design

1. Deren K

2. Clear Air Challenge

3. Andersson-Wise Architects

4. Illy Issimo

5. Ribot

6. Do Lectures

7. About.com

8. Stephen Caver

9. New Adventures In Web Design Conference 2012

10. Sasquatch Festival

11. Sparkbox

12. 320 and Up

13. Earth Hour

14. Food Sense

15. The Modern Gentleman

16. FlexSlider

17. Launch Kit

18. Naomi Atkinson

19. The Boston Globe

20. Splendid

21. Converge SE

22. Robot or Not?

23. Authentic Jobs

24. Sleepstreet

25. Think Vitamin

26. Alsacréations

27. Simon Collison

28. Sweet Hat Club

29. Internet Images

30. Spigot Design

What is your take on responsive web design? Let us know in a comment below.

Author: Alice

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