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RIA Unleashed Boston 2009 – 1 day 3 track event

For the past months the agenda was full with various Flash events on different locations around the world. But there’s always room for more. Another Flash conference that’s around the corner is RIA Unleashed: Boston 2009.

RIA Unleashed: Boston is a one day event about the rich internet application development using the Adobe Flash Platform such as Flex, AIR, ColdFusion, Catalyst and other technologies. The event is taking place at Bentley University in Waltham, MA, on November 13th, 2009.


The novelty for this year is that there will be 3 tracks get going during the day event. They will cover exclusive topics on Flex and AIR development, ColdFusion and user experience (UX) design and the business of web application. So the great thing about this conference is that if you want to attend a session about one specific theme you have a flexible list to choose from and a pliable schedule. Like any other event, the participants can vary from beginners to advanced ones.

The day will start with an Adobe Keynote held by Tim Buntel and Adam Lehman, from which we may hear more information about the newst announcements that were made at Adobe Max. Speaking of speakers the list has a compelling lineup: Jeff Tapper, Andrew Powell, Shannon Hicks, Adam Flater, Peter Bell, Jason Delmore, Steven Erat ,Todd Yard, Raymond Camden (ColdFusion Jedi) and many others influential figures.

To continue the list of pluses about this event I’ll inform you about the price. The discount tickets are only 50$ (and for groups bigger than 3 it’s 40$). In my opinion this is a great deal considering the speaker list and what is included in this price: lunch, coffee and a variety of giveaways.You can purchase a ticket from here.

There’s also a contest where you can win a just released Playstation 3 Slim. I suppose that by now I kindled your interest. So if you are around Boston or have the possibility to attend to this event, you shouldn’t miss it. For further information about the conference check the RIAUNLEASHED.com page.

Final word

To draw an end line, I’ll just say that I’m excited to see that like minded people put all their efforts and time to organise such great events and make it possible for different stage developers to participate at it and gain experience, knowledge. Great job guys! Keep up with the good work.

Author: Alin

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