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SEO Basics – Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process used to improve the visibility or “hits” of a website or page inside a search engine. As a rule, the earlier a web page shows up in search engine results then the more “hits” it will receive. An SEO may target different types of searches including, keywords, images, local searches or academic searches.

SEO Beginner’s Guide

As an internet marketing strategy Search Engine Optimization considers how a search engine works or searches the web and then the web master will write the web page to help make sure the page is ranked high in the search results. In the past this lead to some web masters manipulating their pages so that they would rank higher in the search pattern. Search engines then started using more complex algorithms and as well as other criteria to help users find the relevant sites to their searches. Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo use crawlers when searching the web to find pages relevant to their algorithmic search criteria. Some of what they are looking for is keywords, keyword density and inbound links. Some also look at the distance a site is from the root directory as to its relevance.


Some sites want to use the SEO to prevent crawlers from going to a particular page. These sites could be login specific such as shopping carts or contain graphics not suitable for general viewing. There are generally accepted two types of Search Engine Optimization. White hat and Black hat. The White hat SEO follows the general guidelines set out by the search engines. That what the search engine indexes is what the user will see. Black hat tends to bend or break the guidelines. It is important to realize that they are guidelines and not rules. Some black hat methods that are employed are using text a similar color to the background and another is to redirect the user to a different page.

The way a web crawler works is complicated and also much of the algorithmic methods are not disclosed by the owners to prevent misuse.

An SEO expert can increase the prominence of a web page in the search engine results by several methods. One of these methods is cross linking pages between the same web page. The more links a web page has the more important it is figured to be. Continually updating a site has the web crawler returning more often and gives more weightage to the site.

Search Engine Optimization is a marketing tool and as all tools, they need to be changed every once in awhile. It is believed that many sites now do not receive most of their traffic from search engines as they did in the past but that visitors come to their pages from links from other web pages.

SEO is not only about generating any traffic but is all about generating good traffic. The quality of the traffic is also important as it will give an indication about whether the website was optimized for the right keywords or not. Traffic that drops off at the home page tells that the users left as they did not find what they came for. In other words, the keywords were wrong, the quality of traffic is bad and the SEO failed. Traffic that lingers a lot on the website, users spend lot of time browsing through all the pages; means that the traffic quality is good, revenue is likely to increase and the SEO is a success.

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