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Tips & Tricks 9: Using MouseWheel on Mac OS X – AS3

A couple of days ago I was reading some articles about what clients demand on a project and the features they are interested in. One of them is using the MouseWheel for different actions like scrolling text, zoom in and out etc.

So I came across this blog and found a useful tip for using the MouseWheel on Mac OS X, things being a little bit different here. This is done for ActionScript 3.0.

And since I was concerned myself on the matter I thought why not share it with you. It starts from SWFAddress add-on for deconcept’s SWFObject embedding system. We are going to add MouseWheel functionality to SWFObject.

In your main application class write the following code:
import com.pixelbreaker.ui.osx.MacMouseWheel;
MacMouseWheel.setup( stage );

After that you can add listeners to MovieClips, Sprites etc.

For downloading the source code take a visit to PixelBreaker. Also there is a JavaScript example to be used with dynamic embed method.

For those who want to know how you can use the MouseWheel for ActionScript 2.0 have a look at this post.

You may find some differences between browsers display of this MouseWheel effect on Mac but that’s because each browser has different fonts, size and display characteristics.

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  • Here are provide the great tricks about the Mac Operating system and it’s very helping me.