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Top 10 Unique Examples of Logo Designs Showing Symmetry

Symmetry is an inherent part of a good design that creates a sense of interest, balance and stability in the eyes of the viewer – therefore, logos that are made with some form of symmetry appear more attractive than others. Logos visually depict the brand, company or organization in a very strong manner and become their identity.

Many of us remember the logos of famous brands and associate with them strongly. Therefore, it takes a lot of brainstorming for making the perfect logo that strikes a balance between the elements that eventually sends across the message in a big way. Symmetrical logos are very simple with identical sides, but make a very emphatic statement that brings out a sense of commitment and stability of the brand they are representing. Here are ten amazing examples of symmetrical logos:

10 Amazing Examples of Symmetrical Logos

1. Paperpassion


This logo can be used by a company or website that deals with paper products or any equipment in which paper is used primarily such as printers and photocopiers. The message is presented in a simple, yet strong manner in which the passion for paper is evident through the heart that is made by fanning our rainbow-colored papers. This is a great idea – simple and precise.

2. Stronghex


The Stronghex logo is essentially a white design that is juxtaposed on a crimson red background – making it very striking. The logo features a muscular person made out of hexagons – which brings out the idea of strength and durability. This logo could be used in the metal or cement industry or even for gym equipment – as strength is what the logo is portraying. However, this logo could even be related to the web industry with the strongly connected hexagons, particularly for anti-virus software.

3. Blu Leone


The Blu Leone is an elegant logo that features two lions in a mirror image opposite one another. The tails of the two lions meet up in the center and curl up to form a crown-like image. This logo clearly depicts royalty through the lions and crown – and can be a perfect logo for a clothing brand, or even for a brewery.

4. Wyldlyfe


Wyldlyfe is a very interesting logo that features the face of a lion with the man shown in a very symmetrical and beautiful manner. One closer look and you can see that the face of the lion also represents a guitar. This logo is perfect for any rock band that has the intensity and raw appeal like that of a lion!

5. Corrida


The logo Corrida looks very appealing with its golden yellow and red colors. The Corrida actually means ‘bull fight’ in Spanish and that is precisely depicted on the logo which shows two red bulls about to lock horns. The upper portion of the logo again depicts royalty with a crown and star and a USP stating ‘The Finest Quality Spanish Food’ – making it the perfect logo for any Spanish food restaurant or food brand.

6. Resonance


Resonance private limited is a great logo that depicts the meaning of resonance in terms of the 3D clover leaves that look as if they are moving like sound waves. The blue logo with the black backdrop looks perfect and emphatic. This would be a good logo for an audio-related company that manufactures hearing equipment.

7. Mixedpome


Mixedpome is a brilliant logo that shows three different colored apples encased one inside the other. This logo would be a great one for online marketing and designing companies that offer a lot of services, as is evident by the multiple apples making one single apple.

8. Love Doves


Love Doves is a beautiful logo that personified love through two doves that bring out their wings to form a heart with a light pink background. This logo would be perfect for online matrimony websites, lingerie companies and with things associated with love in general. The symmetry of the doves depicting love comes out loud and clear!

9. Brandress


Brandress is the perfect logo which cleverly gives away its meaning in a very entertaining manner by depicting an ISBN code that is dressed up in a coat and bow-tie. This clever logo is great for companies that are engaged in advertising, designing and so on.

10. Western Wrestler


The Western Wrestler is a very cute logo which shows a hybrid version of a cowboy and a sumo wrestler. It is a fun and interesting design wherein a heavily built Japanese Sumo wrestler is shown in his position wearing cowboy boots and a hat.

Author: Claudia

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