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Top 10 Viral Infographics Of Year 2011

We’re knowledge addicts and there’s just not enough time to digest or keep up with all the information being published on the web. So, an easy and attractive solution to go through the abundance of data is an infographic. When a huge amount of information is wrapped up into a chart or an infographic, suddenly it doesn’t seem so impossible to digest it.

What would a day without Facebook be like? What are the craziest Black Friday states? What social networks do small businesses use, or do they use them at all? How profitable is mobile marketing? Or what does it annoy people about the emails they get? These are just a few of the questions answered below in a couple of infographics that went viral this year.

So, go ahead and check out the top 10 infographics of 2011 that people shared on the web.

Top 10 Infographics of 2011

A World Without Facebook 

Many people check their Facebook accounts the minute they wake up. Can we imagine a life without Facebook? If not, then check out this infographic.

Source: singlegrain.com

An Average Day on Facebook 

Curious to see what your friends do on Facebook on a regular day? Find out from the infographic below.

Source: jess3.com

Facebook vs. Google 

We all know about the launch of Google Plus and the rumors that went around claiming it would take Facebook down. But was there really a battle between the two? The answers in the infographic below.

Source: singlegrain.com

“Craziest” Black Friday States 

Who went crazy on Black Friday this year? And what did people buy last year? See in the infographic below.

Source: blackfriday2011.com

The Anatomy of a Fan 

Every brand out there wants more fans. But do they know their fans or have any idea on how they behave online? This infographic might give you some ideas.

Source: moontoast.com

Mobile Marketing 

How big is the mobile market? Is it really growing that fast? How can you use that to grow you business? Check some facts in the infographic below and see how you can benefit from it.

Source: marketingpilgrim.com

Social Media Marketing By The Numbers 

How much money do advertisers spend on social media marketing? Is it worth advertising on Facebook or is it just a huge waste of money? Find out more from this infographic.

Source: hubspot.com

Social Media: Bridging The Gap  

Do businesses know how to use social media to interact or get more clients? Check out this infographic to find out.

Source: exploringsocialmedia.com

Email Irritations: What Annoys People About Emails? 

Why are we so annoyed about the emails we get?Is it because we’re receiving too much or is it because most of it we find to be useless? Or is it both? See the infographic to find out for yourself.

Source: ccloop.com

Where’s Google Making Its Money? 

With so many free tools and application, how in the world is Google making so much money? Curious? It’s all in the infographic below.

Source: kaiserthesage.com

Now tell us – which one of these graphics you found to be the most useful?

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