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30 Vintage and Retro Website Design Examples

Vintage and retro design is one the newest trend in web-design and it seems that it’s here to stay. In the past few years we saw a lot of new websites inspired by the retro-vintage design movement and a significant part of them look really good and offer a great user-friendly experience.

Of course you can’t just add a vintage design to any type of website; the design has to be a part of a story and has to fit the business domain; but when it does find its place, the results are stunning!

Retro-inspired web-design and new technologies

Get inspired by mixing old retro designs and new HTML5 and CSS3 to create responsive websites for spectacular results! Most of the websites presented are responsive, and have great features that set them apart from the crowd and make them an inspiring experience.

If you are a nostalgic that loves everything vintage, you will absolutely love our choices; here are 30 of the most beautiful retro and vintage design websites.

The Dollar Dreadful

The Dollar Dreadful is a family library that brings you amazing short stories. The website takes advantage of the brand’s history and manages to bring users a great vintage looking website!



Cirq.com is a great looking vintage website built with HTML5. The retro design is a perfect choice for the grape and wine industry, as we all know good wine gets better with age. The website will be fully launched in this spring, so keep an eye on them for more vintage design inspiration!


Kitchen Sink Studios

A beautiful and awarded HTML5 website that features a retro design, great textures and typography inspired fonts. The design is really user-friendly; everything fits great and seems like the perfect for a creative design consultancy.



Great looking minimalist website inspired by vintage typography and retro design. I really liked the usage of design elements and keywords that suggest a lasting and meaningful relationship with customers.


Bean Exchange

Bean exchange is a perfect website for a classic and timeless coffee house. The vintage design is by far the best choice for this type of business, and gives the user a bit of the feeling he has wile drinking his coffee.


City dog

Cute and clever designed website inspired by vintage maps and designs, a great source of inspiration on how to match design and message.



Great example for a how a vintage website for a business should look like. Each page of this website is a well thought out example of good design and it’s full of nice detail work.


Cascade Brewery Co

The illustrations look great and work well with the brand, and also the AJAX pop-ups are beautifully done, detailed and each one is unique. Love the way visitors can adjust the controls to customize a version of the site that best suits them. Great inspiration!



Forefathersgroup.com is an example of great usage of the stylized typography and illustrations, all inspired by the Victorian Era.



A beautiful example of authentic vintage style used for a website’s design. All the visual elements fit great together and every detail has a maximum effect.



A beautiful vintage inspiration website that gets it’s inspiration from the print design world, but functions perfectly in the online interactive medium. It’s a great example of fundamental principles of design successfully implemented for web, and it also makes effective use of practical web technologies.



The web-design was inspired by the company’s namesake, the cast iron skillet. I love the subtle textures incorporated in all design components that give it the retro look.


Von Dutch

The fashion brand Von Dutch’s website is inspired by grunge and looks amazing; it’s a great source of inspiration. The website uses a series of eye popping images to add a 3d effect.



A unique looking website inspired by old computer game design. The beautiful details certainly make it one of the most inspiring vintage web-designs out there.


Handi Email

Great example where this vintage style fits like a glove! Handiemail actually sends handwritten letters in your recipient’s mail box, so its target audience is surely to appreciate the retro design.


Brooklyn Soap

Amazing example of the recent trend of full background photography’s used in web-design. The large image is a great tool for grabbing the viewer’s attention and allows the content to be kept simple and elegant. This design combines the vintage look and the full background photography trend in a really cool way.


Caava Design

Beautiful Retro inspired website design with great attention to details.


Mercer Tavern

Really clean and minimal vintage inspired web-design with a touch of creativity. I love the horizontal display, it fits the ensemble.


Jackson Fish Market

Jackson Fish Market – a really creative name for an online consultancy website. The retro design gives it a unique approach.



A great collection of vintage-inspired designs gathered together in a vintage-inspired website.


Ernest Hemingway Collection

If you are also a fan of Ernest Hemingway, you will love the Ernest Hemingway Collection. The retro inspired design adds a touch of mystery and credibility with a series of really simple elements.


This Land is Hovland

Great visual experience, every detail has its place and contributes to the design’s effect.


The Vintage Catering Company

Here’s a beautiful minimal design example for The Vintage Catering Company. The full-size slideshow looks amazing and enhances that vintage look by displaying beautiful pictures of old cars.


Dunlop Tire

The Dunlop website takes you on a virtual time-travel trough the history of the brand. It has a beautiful way of displaying key moments on a time-axis, using visual elements to remind us of that age’s feel.


Walking Wall of Words

A web site in retro style – the background image is selected in order to create a special retro atmosphere and manages to recreate a vintage feel without using too many elements.


Austin East Ciders

Here’s a great example of how really simple structure and a clever combination of different fonts and retro designs can create a great looking effect. All the elements match the textured background and create a cool vintage look.


Somersby Cider

Beautiful new retro inspired website for Somersby Cider, a cider brand from Carlsberg. The site is designed as a ‘one-page site’, looks really clean and the colors are a perfect choice.


Amazee Labs

Here’s a more colorful approach of the vintage-retro inspired web-design trend. It recreates a sense of the old days, with a lot of different elements that fit well together.


Richard Photo Lab


Forty One Twenty


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