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Website Designs of Top 15 Artists on iTunes

Nowadays it’s no longer about being fashionable offline, but also online. So, I was curious to see how the website designs of the most popular singers/ bands on iTunes look like. With celebrity singers, you expect remarkable website designs considering they have big budgets, which means they invest a lot of money into their online image considering the amount of fans that check their sites on a regular basis.

These websites usually include the singer’s or band’s biography, along with new singles, popular tracks and recently launched albums. So, let’s see of these artists care so much about their online images as they do about their appearances offline.

The websites of the top 15 singers/ bands on iTunes

1. Rihanna

2. Glee Cast 


4. Adele 

5. David Guetta 

6. Bruno Mars 

7. Flo Rida 

8.  Katy Perry 

9. Maroon 5 

10. Foster the People 

11. Taylor Swift 

12. T-Pain 

13. Gym Class Heroes 

14. Coldpay 

15. Cobra Starship  

What do you think about these website designs? Are they as amazing as you expected?

Author: Alice

Alice is an enthusiast blogger. She loves to write articles related to web design, WordPress, UI / UX and design trends.

  • Like design my preferite are Rihanna, Bruno Mars and Flo-Rida. Interesting list. I wait a second part!

  • Beautiful websites.