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Weekly Video 6

Flash Moto CMS is a revolutionary content management system aimed at Flash developers and designed to simplify the publication of Web content to Flash websites. It delivers an intuitive user experience for content authors and editors and has a next generation administrative tools that will increase the quality of Flash developers work.

It is also a real time-saver tool because via admin panel you can edit any content of your website including sounds, website structure, image galleries and much more. FlashMoto CMS will make your website absolutely SEO-friendly due to the rewritable URLs and deep linking. There are no limits to effect or interactivity.

One of the many advantages is that it has a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows you to quickly update or maintain the website you created. Bellow you have a more detailed video description about it.

Author: Alin

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  • Nice post and video.

    Is this CMS free?


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  • It’s not finish yet and most probably will have to pay for it.

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  • Lee Wisener

    Flash Moto should have been a great product, I was excited by its intentions and looked forward to seeing it launch. Template Monster currently run section which provides a flash template with Flash Moto included for $250. Not cheap but the benefits are obvious and I thought, ok, let’s give it a go. So I took the plunge and handed over $250. After a few minutes my template was delivered and instructions to setup the Flash Moto account were followed.

    There are no instructions whatsoever on how you install it all, so I just uploaded everything and pointed my browser to the admin folder. Here I was presented with a list of errors, files and directories that needed permission changes. So I worked through each and changed what I was asked to. However changing the permissions on the /logs folder was not possible, it did not exist. There was however a /admin/logs folder which I changed the permissions on and the error disappeared. Unfortunately the same applied for others too, despite doing everything I was asked it claimed I had still not changed the permissions on some files.

    So, off to support I go and right from the start it was clear that Template Monster help desk staff had no clue about Flash Moto, an hours spent trying to resolve the issues and I was told to raise a ticket and explain it all over again on there! Not happy but I did raise the ticket. Whilst awaiting a response I played around with the permissions and it soon became clear that the installation script was not telling me the right files to change permissions on, something had gone wrong with their script. I changed a few more file permissions that looked to me like they should be writeable and errors came and went clearly demonstrating that the install script was not right.

    Eventually I got into the admin panel and my very first impression was as expected, so before I Played around with it I quickly checked the site by clicking on the “website preview” button and I find that the animated menus had just disappeared. When I went back to the admin panel they had vanished from there too. Another ticket to Template Monster and they reply some time later that it’s all fixed. However I log back into the admin panel and click the “website preview” button and the same thing happens again.

    So currently it’s back at support and 48 hours after snatching my $250 away from me it still does not work and nobody at Template Monster or Flash Moto want to talk about it.

    The bottom line is that the templates available on Template Monster that include Flash Moto have no documentation with them, making it impossible to trouble shoot issues. But let’s face it why I should I a Flash Professional be able to fix it if Flash Moto themselves can’t do it. A simple case of a product being released too early and not considering all the different elements that can impact their script, such as server setup which I feel seem to be where the bulk of the issues are with my template.

    On their site they are offering a pre-order discount of the standalone version of Flash Moto, it seems well priced at $159, but nobody knows what they are buying! Many question have been answered in this regard. It is for unlimited flash sites? does it come with templates? Will it work with any flash template? Flash Moto are as yet not answering any of these questions. Anyone who has placed an order based on the lack of information provided on the licence restrictions could be in for a shock or surprise!

    Flash Moto is a fantastic product, time has been taken to make Flash accessible to many out there, however at the last minute their rush has created a debacle. So, if your interested, watch carefully, but wait until you know other customers are happy before you take the plunge and end up thinking you just paid a lot of money for a mess!

  • Lee Wisener

    Well I am pleased to say that having spent the last couple of hours playing around with my template that is now fixed properly I am very impressed as I would expect I was going to be.

    Let’s not forget that Flash Moto is not a magic wand for Flash. The creation of any flash site needs to be done in flash itself however once you have your design and transfer it to Flash moto then the editing and creation of many items such as image, pages and so on becomes a simple and effortless task.

    I have just done in 10 minutes what would have taken 30 in flash. It’s not even so much that some of the tasks are that difficult to complete in flash itself however consider that you need to open flash, make the changes, export the .fla, uplaod it again, wait fot the internet engines to realise you have uploaded a new file to see the changes and right away your sitting back wondering why have we been without this for so long.

    The starting point of this software is high, all the basic editing features are there and useable. In 6 months or a year I cant wait to see what is added to make this experience much more rewarding.

    So, overall well done to the team, however get the support right and make it consistent.

  • Ulf Lindquist

    We´ve bought a template from template monster for $250 and we just can´t get it to work. What do u need to do to get the server working. I´ve followed all the instructions, but it still doesn´t start. What kind of appliocations are requested on the server? PHP…..
    And do you have to register at flashmot to get it to work.

    Either templatemonster och flashmot seem to have the will, ability and/or resources to help installing.

  • Thanks for your review! We greatly appreciate this!
    Also we are glad to announce that a stand alone FlashMoto CMS will go live on Nov 4, 2009.
    Follow our blog to stay well informed!

    @ Lee Wisener: Hoping, you are happy with the product now, since we regulated the support team work.

    @ Ulf Lindquist : Please contact us at [email protected] specifying your problem.

    Thank you all for the feedbacks.

  • I have been trying to get this flash moto template working, and after 4 days I still can’t get my images into the media library. I send them up to my website where the images folder is, I upload them into it, but when I go to edit them in the flash moto control panel all I see are the images that came with the template, and none of the images that i uploaded. Customer Service? nope. Telephone# nope. I have asked them a simple question, what is the procedure for uploading my images and getting them into the media library in flash moto. Simple question, and I am still waiting. I think it is probably a permission not activated, but until I hear from them I screwed.