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Why is Windows 8 so powerful? Features You Might not Know About

Microsoft is planning to “reinvent the OS” with Windows 8, the next-generation operating system. The new OS is designed so it can perform perfectly on both PCs and tablets.

The Metro interface, an improved performance, support for touchscreens and a Windows app store are the major features everybody’s talking about when it comes to Windows 8. In other words, Windows 8 uses less memory, is more secure and boots faster, which makes it more efficient to work with.

In this article we are going to point out the most important features of Windows 8 and explain why they’re significant for you.

It works on PCs, laptops but also on Tablets (!)

Yes, sir! This operating system is state-of-the-art because it was designed so it would work not only on PCs and laptops, but also on tablets. How?  By building it to perform perfectly on ARM-based processors, the technology on which most tablets and smartphones run. With the increase usage of tablets, it was only normal for this to happen sooner or later. Microsoft know that Metro UI and touch are the future and is brace enough to make a comeback by investing in it.

Is a lot faster

The director of Windows program management, Gabriel Aul, explained just how Windows 8 works, and how come this last preview version uses approximately half the memory that Windows 7 is using (281MB compared to 540MB on W7).

“When you have a lot of apps open,” he explains,”you will have different apps will have [pieces of] memory that are identical but they each have their own copy; these things could be a common runtime or a shared library.

“Throughout memory you’ll have lots of little 4K pages that are really identical but we’re maintaining separate copies. We have a new feature called page combining; Windows can look through memory to find copies and basically condense them down to one shared copy,” he explained.

When it comes to Windows 8’s boot time, it has decreased significantly. It now boots up in less than 8 seconds.

 It has a cool App Store

This is truly a great thing because not only are people obsessed with apps lately, but it also gives developers the possibility to enhance their business and revenue.

What do you think about the features of Windows 8?

Author: Alice

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  • Seeing as this is Flashuser, it should be noted that the tablet editions of Windows 8 will *not* support Flash.

  • Privat Bruger

    No amount of invention by MS will win me back from my Mac/Linux combo.

  • Dave

    Granted this is a developer preview so we will see how it reacts in the final, flash and ALL IE plugins will be unavailable inside the Metro UI – under the regular windows area (and there is one still) the plugins work just fine.

  • Zwadder

    I’m not convinced, I left the world of windows a year ago, now i’m only working with OSX or Ubuntu, both superior to windows, it’s like being in heaven. Downloaded W8 and it’s a confusing UI, not sure if I will be able to explain my mother how this works.
    Even with XP there was that promise of fast booting, same with Vista and W7, not sure if this will be the case in W8.
    The app-store, just another copy cat. No W8 won’t get me back to the world of the bad OS

  • That’s fun… but tech people are getting more retarded or what? Where is the innovation? Every Windows release is the same old shit talk, more faster, more features.. come on, after all it’s nothing special.. I tried the first beta and I’m not convinced, the touch ui is not bad, but the “pc mode” is the same windows but more overloaded with crap.
    After all MS have means and resources to do a lot more than this.